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Moscow, Russia – Marat, a Tajik migrant worker from the Pamir mountains, in one of Moscow’s metro stations.
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Scenes from Central Asian Migration to Russia

The Original article was published at Voices on Central Asia.  Her scenes of migrants and their families shed light on the worries, fears, and joys of those Central Asians who—spurred by difficult circumstances—live their lives in migration. With these photographs, we sought to use the field of visuality to capture the new realities of life […]

Er Enish, traditional horseback wrestling
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The World Nomad Games: a wilder, Central Asian version of the Olympics!

The second World Nomad Games were held from 3-8 september in Cholpon-Ata, on the shores of Lake Issyk-Köl in Kyrgyzstan. With more than 2000 participants from 40 different countries, the events took place in two different locations: at the Hippodrome in Cholpon-Ata and in the ethno-village of Kyrchyn where more than 200 Yurts were set up to […]

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Nomadic Life in Kyrgyzstan

A few months per year the Kyrgyz go back to their nomadic roots. While living in a house during the winter months, many Kyrgyz move to the mountains in late spring to enjoy the summer and let their livestock graze.

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Happy Holi!

Holi Festival is celebrated every year at the end of the winter, on the last full moon of Phalguna, the twelfth month of the Hindu calendar. Also called Spring Festival, Holi celebrates the beginning of the season of hope and vitality.